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Our expertise include computer programming & technology, PC repair, c++ programming, spreadsheeting in Excel or Lotus, SQLServer, MYSQL,Access, database design, visual basic, html, javascript, ASP and asp.net, macromedia flash, ecommerce online purchasing Karts, webpage design, data entry and fast cheap typing service. With our new found knowledge of whiteboards, we can tutor students fractions, statistics, sampling, standard deviation. Our math tutor hotline, 314-922-9843 allow us to reach you at home and tutor you online. We are tutors in calculus, physics, algebra, trig, and chemistry. We also sell used PCs. We have classes in networking and auto repair troubleshooting. Our online job training college and home schooling are affordable and free to some low income students.Our mall has estores including a healthfood store and is great for networking. You can get fast student loans. We encourage students from hcbus to enroll along with their regular classes. Also we give you free resumes, grants, money, stimulus checks. So come to joes-mall for shopping, the mall of the future. Joey evans Director and DOD Staffing & IT staffing recruiter. We just started doing income tax preparation. Quick copies of schedule A, forms, 1040, 4562, 8829.

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